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Informing the next generation of 


PoGo is an all-in-one personalized voter guide that streamlines the research process for young voters.

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Taking a personal approach to civic engagement. 

We provide voter-friendly tools that enable voters to create a plan, learn about aligned candidates, and take action. 
Be the change you want to see 
Use our centralized hub to prepare for upcoming elections and build a voting plan 
Match with aligned candidates

Based on your views and values we find aligned candidates on your ballot to streamline your search. 

Prepare your ballot

Personalize your ballot by Swiping Right on candidates' profiles and store in your in-app ballot, ready for the polls. 

Share & Vote!
Share your voting plan with your community via social media. Lastly, go VOTE!
Plan ahead with our Voter Guide 

During onboarding, Voters enter their demographic and voter info, and we do the hard work of finding voters' registration status, and polling location. We build a checklist that captures snapshots of who's on the ballot and high-priority to-dos.

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Save time with our streamlined research process

During onboarding, we ask voters to rate their stance on popular issues and how much they care. Our data-driven approach allows us to match voters to aligned candidates on their ballots. 

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Swipe Right on aligned candidates  

See your aligned candidates at every level in the Podium tab. Deep dive into our non-partisan candidate profiles and get a quick summary of politicians' platforms, views, and experience/backgrounds. Follow their campaign, understand their budget allocation, and engage through voter sign-ups.  


Swipe Right to store your matched candidates on your ballot. Bring your phone [states permitted] or print/email your ballot to bring on voting day. 

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Voter profile & engagement 

Voters have access to edit their personal info and onboarding survey results to ensure they're getting a personalized search. They can prioritize their top-issue cards and share their ballots with their social media communities. 

Our stacked menu allows voters to get additional resources and view our data policy to see how their insights are driving American campaigns.  

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Take politics on the go, personalize your search, and vote informed. 

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